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Bess de Farber is an expert grant-seeker with decades of experience in grant proposal writing, project management, and collaboration facilitation. She is the author of two how-to manuals on grant-seeking and grant proposal writing. Additionally, she authored Collaborating with Strangers, which outlines her innovative program for fostering professional partnerships in a workshop environment.

Creating Fundable Grant Proposals

In this book, Bess G. de Farber, who has led the management of 187 awarded grant projects from under $5,000 to more than $1 million at the University of Florida, outlines the makings of successful grant proposals from start to finish. Drawing from profiles of 57 grant proposals, sponsored by 31 funders including federal agencies, foundations, and library organizations, her detailed 10-step workflow guides you through submitting and managing collaborative grant proposals.

Collaborating with Strangers

Leading readers through a unique framework that breaks down barriers to collaboration while also kindling long-lasting enthusiasm, this manual includes testimonials from workshop participants; step by step guidance on organizing and presenting a CoLAB workshop; helpful photographs and diagrams that show prep and workshops in action; ready to use surveys for assessment before and after the workshop; grant proposal development techniques for bringing two or more organizations together on a project; pointers on how to adapt the workshop for ice-breakers, conference programs, or classrooms; and samples of workshop promotion pieces that can be adapted as needed.

Collaborative Grant-Seeking

A collaborative approach to grant seeking can stimulate and reshape the culture of your library organization. Collaborative Grant-Seeking: A Practical Guide for Librarians will share new insights for those who want to access grant funding without reinventing the wheel. Based on years of practical grant writing and collaboration development experience, this resource provides a complete guide for setting up a library grant-seeking program, and for combining forces with community partners to increase grant funding to libraries.

Collaborating with Strangers offers a detailed step-by-step process and best practices to plan and execute CoLAB Workshops.
It offers great testimonials, lessons learned, and potential variations on the process.

CoLABs and this book have radically changed my opinion about talking to strangers. 

— via Goodreads

Collaborative Grant Seeking is a valuable source for anyone involved in the grant-seeking process. The book goes over each step, from the researching process to the application process and the post award period. This book is essential for anyone wanting to improve their chances when applying for a grant.

— via Goodreads

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