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Praise for Creating Fundable Grant Proposals

“Wonderful resource for potential grant writers. I read Bess de Farber’s book and I must say that I was impressed.  As a research development professional, I have read quite a few reference materials of this nature.  Most are not this well-organized or useful.  This is an easy- and enjoyable– to read walk-through grants with well-detailed examples of how to navigate work with partners as well as funders.  Ms. de Farber has worked in a library setting, helping to secure funding for years, and her experience here is clear.  I think anyone working in a library setting and wanting a good foundation in grant getting should have this book as a reference.  I also think faculty in the humanities can benefit from this book.  I applaud Bess for this effort and think it will help many people.” 

— Beth Hodges, Director, Office of Research Development, Florida State University 

“This is a book about how to create a successful program, how to develop an approach to successful grantseeking, how to bring more satisfaction into the workplace, and how to view grants as opportunities to build your organization rather than as bandaids to stop your fiscal bleeding. Chapter 1 alone is worth the price of admission. Along with chapter 6, de Farber presents a comprehensive, concise approach to building a grantseeking program no matter the skills of your people nor the resources of your organization. Chapters 2-5 are full of inspiring, true stories of grants developed, submitted, awarded and completed… Bess de Farber is the real deal – 93 awards totaling more than $7.5 million!

Whether you are developing a program or simply attempting to craft your own fundable submission, this book is a great training document and reference tool.”

—Dr. Laura Spears, Director, Assessment and User Experience, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida

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Praise for Collaborating with Strangers

“This book offers a fresh new set of strategies for engaging communities of people in dialogue. It offers a clear description of the concept of CoLAB, then it lives up to its billing as a how-to guide by clearly laying out the steps needed to run one of these dynamic meetings. This is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to engage communities in collaborative action. Very timely and much needed. Congratulations to the writing team for producing such a valuable resource.”

— Ingrid Bens, author of Facilitating With Ease!

“An impressively organized and presented resource.”

— Library Bookwatch



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Praise for Collaborative Grant-Seeking

“Grant collaboration has an exponential benefit to partnering libraries and organizations that extends far beyond the dollars received. Collaborating on a grant project enables libraries to establish lasting relationships in addition to implementing new grant-funded services. De Farber contends that grant writing is an overlooked activity and that librarians are naturally inclined to be successful grantees. The author walks readers through the process, beginning with identifying funding opportunities and forming alliances. The guide provides specific suggestions for establishing communication and work flows between partnering institutions. Assistance is also provided for all common components of a grant application, from selecting a title to preparing the appendixes. To provide inspiration, several examples of successful applications and projects are shared, while checklists and samples demystify the practice. What makes this an excellent complement to other grant guides is that the focus is not on winning but instead on building the team.

Verdict: A solid guide for novice to expert grant seekers tired of going it alone.”

— Library Journal

“The book is conveniently organized in a way that allows its reader to jump to useful information on the aspects of grant-seeking that are of interest to them without needing to read other parts of the book which may not apply. After reading this book, any librarian can be more eager and less intimidated to pursue grant-seeking opportunities because of the way the author demystifies the process of developing a grant proposal. I would recommend the purchase of this book to any librarian or library wishing to develop an understanding of grant-seeking because it will provide you with a step-by-step guide to achieve that goal.”

— Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association

Collaborative Grant-Seeking: A Practical Guide for Librarians is a welcome guide for librarians new to the world of grants, and useful for the experienced grant writer. In seven easy-to-read chapters, De Farber takes the reader through the entire grant-seeking process…. De Farber brings a wealth of experience to her writing, having served as grants manager for multiple universities and on grant review panels for all manner of organizations. The background information, suggestions and ideas here are excellent. However, what makes the book indispensable are the examples. The book contains everything from sample timelines and budgets to application checklists to opening paragraphs to evaluation plans, and everything in between…. The book itself, part of Rowman & Littlefield’s Practical Guides for Librarians series, is clean and easy to move through…. The writing is clear and quite understandable, even for those with no grant-seeking experience whatsoever…. Librarians from all types of libraries will find this book helpful…. Collaborative Grant-Seeking: A Practical Guide for Librarians is highly recommended for all libraries and all librarians.”

— Technical Services Quarterly

“Bess de Farber’s Collaborative Grant-Seeking: A Practical Guide for Librarians should be required reading for anyone who works or wants to work in a library. Grants offer libraries opportunities to innovate, experiment, and jump-start new services, but many librarians are unsure about how to be successful grant-seekers. This guide provides credible and highly useful advice based on the author’s full career as a successful grant-seeker. It demystifies the grant-seeking process, and provides an effective toolkit to help libraries justify, plan, implement, and sustain an organizational culture of grantsmanship. With de Farber’s guidance, libraries will be better prepared to leverage and align grant-seeking to more fully support an organization’s strategic goals and directions. I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to help libraries succeed in the current fiscal climate.”

— Chuck Thomas, Executive Director, USMAI Library Consortium and Former Federal Grants Program Officer

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